1/35 Tamiya SAS Land Rover with Dragon British Desert Rats Figures

Gallery Article by Sunel Tan on Nov 21 2011

This is an old Tamiya SAS Land Rover converted to look like the one they used in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  All aftermarket parts that were added like the winch on the front bumper, radio antennas, camouflage net, rope, straps and buckles, billboard stand, and others were all scratchbuilt from styrene sheet & stock, stretched spruce, solder, gauze, pencil shavings and masking tape. The poses of the figures were slightly modified. The vehicle and figures were all painted with a combination of Tamiya enamel & acrylic paint. 


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The Saddam Hussein picture on the billboard and the map on the vehicle were taken from the internet and printed on inkjet paper. The powdery fine sand used on the base was taken from Boracay Island, The Philippines (considered as one of the best beaches in the world).

Enjoy the photos.

Sunel Tan


Photos and text by Sunel Tan