1/72 Italeri T-62 and 1/72 Airfix Hunter FGA 9

Gallery Article by Polly Singh on Dec 2 2011

On 05 Dec 71, four Indian Hunters (including one trainer) from OCU destroyed and damaged some 29 T-59s and Shermans of the Pakistani 22 cavalry which was racing for strategic Jaisalmer in the ‘overlooked’ and soft underbelly of the Rajasthan desert.  


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After the Kursk battles of 1944, this was the last pure aircraft versus tank battle with cannons and rockets. Soon after the battle several destroyed T-59s and Sherman were brought to Jaisalmer airfield from where the Hunters operated and were used as memorials and trophies of the battle.  

I've tried to recreate just that scene at the Jaisalmer airfield with an Airfix 1/72 Hunter and a modified Italeri 1/72 T-62.

Polly Singh

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Photos and text © by Polly Singh