Operation Iraqi Freedom

Gallery Article by Daniel on Dec 2 2011

When Operation Iraqi Freedom began in March 2003 I monitored it every day because I supported it.  I entered military service myself in November 2004 and at the moment I am at the infantry officer’s school at Colombier, Switzerland.  I have little time for my beloved hobby modeling at this time, but using a week of holiday I have produced a little diorama of US Army vehicles participating in house-to-house fighting somewhere in Iraq. The diorama base was made of wood, plaster and some little stones.  I included also some trees, bushes and grass from the train modeling sector; the destroyed houses I made of balsa wood. I added a destroyed tank and you can see the signs of heavy fighting all over the terrain; I did this burning my modeling glue.


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The tanks in my diorama include this two Bradleys from Revell of Germany. One is the “M2/M3 Bradley RV3143” and the other is the “M2A2 Bradley RV3124”. Both of them are of great quality. The M113 APC is from Italeri. I added some Preiser US Army Tank crewmen and US Army Infantrymen to it; some camouflage nets were made of some bandage and train modeling grass glued to it.  

The little HUMVEE is from Revell of Germany; you receive two versions in one box, and they are fantastic: very detailed and nice to have in every OIF convoy. Below you can see additional pictures: On the left side it’s a Dragon M2A2 ODS Bradley which is outfitted with the new IR-Identification panels. The Dragon M1 Abrams, one A1 and one A2 version have these panels, too. I tried to use a special camo scheme on one of these Abrams, I think it looks ok. The tank commanders and loaders are also from Preiser. These figures are really worth it, they cost 6.45 Euro (16 of them).  

The whole diorama measures 1,2m in width and 0,3m in length and has its place on my desk. I hope you like these pics.

I have attached two images of “my” Piranha APC to the end of the article; I drove this one for 10 weeks in the Infantry aspirant’s school at Birmensdorf, Switzerland; now for I’m attending an officer’s position I can’t drive again, so I look forward to the time I will have my own platoon with 3 Piranhas, then I will ‘borrow’ one of them for myself!!


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Photos and text © by Daniel