1/35 Academy M2A2 Bradley

Gallery Article by John Doerr on Jan 30 2012


This project started out to be a model of my son's M2 Bradley that he rode in while in Baghdad from October of 2006 to January of 2007.  Only after I had finished it did he send the pictures and tell me that they had the M2A3.  


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This representation is OK for the early, 2003, time frame.  I combined the interior of the Academy M2A1 with the Academy M2A2 kit.  The kit was painted Model Master enamels and weathered with pastels and a few light washes.

My next armor project is to upgrade another Bradley kit to correct the items I missed and build as an A3 based on my son's photos.

John Doerr

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Photos and text by John Doerr