1/76 Airfix Matilda "Hedgehog"

Gallery Article by Michael Johnson on Jan 26 2012

  Australia Day 

Finally got this little kit finished and most impressed with it as well! A build review on Military Modelling by Robin Buckland motivated me to put this little gem put to the top of the build pile!

I was a little concerned about finished colour and the reported lack of forward fenders over the track runs. However a picture found in one of my references of Hedgehog "Bull Pup" in Queensland did not have these fenders so all was well.


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The colour of the preserved example at Puckapunyal did not sit right with me either so I went for a darker more appropriate colour.

For a rep-pop kit, it was a simple build with the additional Hedgehog launcher needing to have some minor surgery to allow for correct fit. Without corrective surgery the launcher would have sat too far back on the upper rear deck.

Painted using Vallejo, followed by oils washes and filtering. MIG pigments finished off the weathering.

Not bad for AU$6.95 ( in my case a raffle prize!)


Michael Johnson


Photos and text by Michael Johnson