1/35 Tamiya Tiger 1

Gallery Article by Rick Reinbott on Wed Nov 23 2011

This is my Tamiya 1/35 Tiger 1.  If I remember correctly I built this model back in 1984.  It was constructed  straight out of the box and brush painted using Humbrol Panzer Gray as the overall color.


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I applied some ‘battle damage’ by holding the fender and exhaust cover pieces over a candle flame (not too close!) until the plastic started to soften and then ‘dented’ the respective piece with the blunt end of a pencil.  Some of the fender pieces were also removed with a hobby knife for additional effect.  To simulate rust build-up on the exhausts, I first painted the parts with Testors Rust and, while the paint was still wet I rolled each part in baking soda so that some of it stuck to the wet paint.  After the paint had dried, I applied a second coat of rust over everything and, after that dried, I drybrushed the parts with the same Rust color mixed with Flat White.

A few years ago I decided to ‘weather’ the model slightly by applying a black pastel ‘sludge’ wash overall followed by drybrushing the raised areas, rivets, edges, etc. using Testors Steel.


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Happy Modeling!

Rick Reinbott

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Photos and text © by Rick Reinbott