1/35 Dragon Panther d

Gallery Article by Heico van der Heide on Dec 9 2011

The build of this Panther went fairly quick, thanks to the DS-tracks.  After a paintjob that i messed up, I repainted the Panther with overall dark yellow with green and brown stripes. The stripes dissappeared a bit when the wash was applied.


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When the decals were placed ( with help of high gloss ) I weathered the Panther with brown oil paint mix with some black for the wash/filter. Then mud was added and a drybrush with that same colour.  And as a finishing touch I sprayed different earth/mud like colours for a dusty look.

Thanks for looking and if you have questions, dont hesitate! 


Heico van der Heide

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Photos and text by Heico van der Heide