Virtual Airbrushing and Zimmerit

1/35 Academy Tiger & 1/35 Tamiya Cromwell

Gallery Article by Konley Kelley on Dec 14 2011

I've always liked the look of the German Tiger Tank. I read about tank "ace" Michael Wittman and wanted to do his Tiger. Academy has a nice kit and there are pics on the box of Wittman's tank in winter camouflage. I built that model and tried my hand at the winter camo and weathering. 

Included are pics of the completed Tiger and a Cromwell I built. I like to pose my armor models guarding my liquor. Call me weird but that backdrop is funny to me.


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But...thanks to Photoshop, the "painting" wasn't done yet.

I used Photoshop tools to create the last tank Wittman commanded before his demise at the hands of British Typhoons or Firefly tanks (not sure if this has been confirmed either way). In a legendary battle not long after D-Day, his Tiger and others under his command wreaked havoc on an allied column (I believe Cromwells were in that battle). 

So, I used Photoshop to do "virtual airbrushing" on my Winter Tiger to make a Summer Tiger. I also used Photoshop tools to make a zimmerit texture. I then dropped it into a digital diorama with several cloned Cromwell tanks.

Finally I found a neat winter shot and put my White Tiger into a Christmas Card for visitors of my Facebook Group "Modeling History in Digital Diorama" site. That looks pretty realistic although that is in Winter Park, CO (smile).

Merry Christmas to everyone on ARC!!!

Konley Kelley

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Photos and text by Konley Kelley