1/72 Dragon M2A3 "Baghdad Bradley"

Gallery Article by John Doerr on Dec 19 2011

1/72 Dragon M2A3 Bradley 

This M2A3 Bradley assigned to the 2nd platoon, Alpha Company 1-5 Cav, 1st Cavalry Division, in May 2007.  My son was a dismount trooper, a SAW/M240 gunner and this was his “ride”.  The vehicles were handed down to incoming units and therefore all markings were painted out.  I am grateful to him for his photos and input in helping me get it all correct but even more so that he made it home safe and sound.


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I used the Dragon M2A3 with the interior, suitably modified, from a M2A2 kit. The characteristics of the service unit Bradley was duplicated on this build.

Photo 12 is an AP wire photo of the 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company 1-5 Cav, in action in May 2007.

John Doerr

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Photo 12



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