1/35 Trumpeter LAV 25

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Mar 25 2013

This I think was the first incarnation of Trumpeter's LAV series. I bought this particular kit because it came with the four figures and seemed to represent good value for money - and I model on a budget: no expensive paints or weathering agents for me.

The kit was built pretty much OOB except for minor surgery to have the front wheels turned slightly. Also, a bit of extra gear was added to the turret basket, and a commander figure was scrounged from the spares box. The vehicle was painted somewhat simply with one application of sand followed by a grey wash (watercolor based) and a sandier wash for the wheels - all applied by brush and without pre-shading or anything like that.


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The figures included with the kit are quite good I reckon.  The faces have more individual animation than comparable Dragon items, and the equipment that are carrying or wearing has more variety too. Only grouch I have is that the feet are too small - more like dainty women's.  So I actually lopped them off and replaced them with more spares box offerings.

My base is also simple and economical in the extreme: made from old CD cases superglued together with a thin spreading of plaster for the groundwork. Odd items in the rear, righthand corner are from my cluttered spares box again.

Overall, this was a satisfying, pleasant kit to build and, if the price hasn't gone up too much, I would recommend it.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry