1/35 Tamiya M-26 w/ Sturmtiger

Gallery Article by Jason Cameron on Dec 19 2011

Here’s my favorite model I finished recently.  I used a lot of PE parts so the total count is well over 1400.  It took me about 60 hours and 7 years to do this model. 


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I weathered the model with oil paints applied with a used Scotchbright pad.  I think the results came out pretty good.  This was the best kit I ever built.  I especially like the way Tamiya supplied real rubber wheels with the kit (as opposed with vinyl ones).  Also, the wonderful headlights are due to Tamiya supplying chrome headlight inserts…a lot cheaper than using aftermarket lenses!

I added the Sturmtiger although this would not have happened in real life.  For one, there were only about 12 Sturmtigers ever built, I believe they were all used on the Eastern Front, and finally I believe it weighed 55 tons while the trailer was rated for only 40 tons.  But it looks cool and there you have it.

I am very happy with the result and I hope you are too!

Jason Cameron

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Photos and text © by Jason Cameron