1/35 Trumpeter Type 89 IFV

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Jan 6 2012

This is another old Trumpeter kit but I see it's still around and, at least here in Trumpeter's home country of China, it's very cheap: currently retailing at one-third the price of newer kits. Part of a small group of contemporary JASDF vehicles from this manufacturer, I believe it's reasonably accurate, builds pretty easily and includes all four figures you see with my model: good value.

I built this straight OOB adding only stretched sprue aerials. Painting was by brush - but ensuring a convincingly low contrast between the two camouflage colors. Wash was some brown sludge or other (probably water colors and washing up liquid based) followed by light gray dry brushing.


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The supplied figures are quite nice. The character on the left side of the turret, I should explain, seems to be wearing an all-enclosing kind of hood covering his whole head (making him look like an emaciated elephant man). The two infantrymen suffer from Trumpeter's typical sculpting mistake of having too small feet - but as these depict orientals anyway I didn't bother correcting this.

The base is another example of my cut-price efforts: two sides of an old CD case superglued together, a thin layer of plaster, a dusting of real soil and garden debris, and some grass from teased-out twine.

I actually made this model some time ago but it turned out satisfyingly well and remains one of my favorites - despite me not having any particular interest JASDF vehicles.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry