1/35 Academy M2A2 Bradley IFV

Gallery Article by David Qu on Jan 9 2012

Hello there
I'm so glad that we have this "ARC Armor" section opened up. I think this is a wonderful addition to the existing ARC and I'm pretty sure lots of military/aviation folks out there also share the same passion on the military/armor modeling just like I do. Shared here is the latest build which I finished right before Christmas. It is a straight OOS build. As usual, I used model masters enamel paints and water-based acrylics for the wash (which I still constantly battle as the acrylics wash tends to leave some undesired stains if not cleaned up quickly). I used some mig pigments and pastels for the overall "dirt/wear" effect. 


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I did try to improve my photograhy over the years as you may see. I now use my DSLR (Canon 7D) for all my model pictures. The setup is easy (in case you're curious), in addition to a tripod, all I use is a big piece of white paper (for the backdrop) and two desk lamps (for lighting/shadow controls). Do NOT ever use flash for model pictures like this. 

Hope you enjoy this build. Happy holidays!

David Qu


Photos and text by David Qu