1/72 Euromodel Plus Panzer IV Ausf. K (or L)

Gallery Article by Rob Haelterman on Apr 1 2013

The Euromodel Plus kit represents an experimental (hypothetical) version of the Pz.Kpfw. IV with the long barrelled 75mm gun and sloped armor, apparently sometimes called the Ausf. K or Ausf. L. The result is something resembling a scaled down Panther, while retaining the running gear and turret of the Panzer IV. I've read somewhere that it actually was meant to be fitted with a Schmalturm at one point.

The kit is completely in resin and clearly based on the Revell kit but with a major facelift of the hull. All hatches of the hull and turret are closed and the tracks are long sections of resin.


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Because the hull that came in my kit was concave on top, and because the kit doesn’t allow the hatches to be opened, I sanded of the top of the hull and transplanted that of a Revell Panzer IV kit. The turret also came from that same kit, except for the gun barrel, which is a metal piece from Armorscale. The MG in the hull is a metal part from ABER and the tracks are scavenged from a Dragon kit. Various extra items were fitted that looked "cool" to me. 

Zimmerit was added using Vallejo acrylic putty, which helped me to hide the joints between the Revell and Euromodel parts.

Rob Haelterman

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