1/35 Tamiya M2A2 Bradley

Gallery Article by Heico van der Heide on Jan 13 2012

This Tamiya M2A2 was a lot of fun to build.  Like most of the Tamiya kits there isnít much trouble in assembling.  It was done ďout of the boxĒ mostly, except for some small extraís that I put on the Bradley like the helmet, assault rifle, some boxes and rocket launchers.  The backpacks etc are standard Tamiya which came with the kit.


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The painting was done with Vallejo Sand, which isnít one of my favourite paints but it went on fairly well. Then a highgloss followed by the decals and another highgloss layer. Then the weathering was done with ( mostly brown/sandy colours ) oil paints.  After that a few different colours of sand like colours were sprayed over to get the dusted look.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions donít hesitate asking them! 


Heico van der Heide

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Photos and text © by Heico van der Heide