1/35 Dragon Tauchpanzer IV

Gallery Article by Heico van der Heide on Jan 16 2011

Like most Dragon kits there was a lot of work in building the Tauchpanzer, the most pain for me are the magic tracks. These “Tauchpanzer’s” or “dive panzer’s” were build for crossing a river ( or the last piece of the english chanel at first ) over the bottom with the long tube on it for fresh air. The cart with extra fuel meant that they could go longer without refueling.


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The build went well for most parts.  After that Tamiya German grey was the colour of choice.  After that a high gloss was sprayed followed by decals and another layer of high gloss. That gives a good base for weathering, which was done with a darkbrown oilpaint mixed with some black to give it a wash and dept.  Also some small damage points were made but not to heavy.  After that I took some earth coloured paints to give the Tauchpanzer a dusty look.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate asking! 


Heico van der Heide

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Photos and text © by Heico van der Heide