Imaginary diorama of a “DHL” Delivery truck in Bagdad

Gallery Article by Rahamim Avraham on Jan 27 2012


This is my first submission to ARC I live in Israel and I work for DHL Israel. 

I got the idea after seeing on ebay the Iraqi street scene from “diorama Plus” and decided to do something different.


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I used the Academy Humvee ambulance painted it in the 3 tone European colors and oversprayed yellow over it, the decals also came from ebay. 

For the boxes I used Wehrmacht and US rations boxes also painted in yellow and for the delivery man and consignee I used a Verlinden set painted in the colors of the DHL delivery man and the Arab in white.

Hope you like it.

Rahamim Avraham


Photos and text © by Rahamim Avraham