1/72 Trumpeter M1126 Stryker

Gallery Article by Austin Kennedy on Feb 10 2012


Hello ARC. This is my first article on ARC Armor. Pretty exciting, I know. So this is my interpretation of the flawed Trumpeter M1126. Not that it's terrible, but it has the same basic shape issues that its 1/35th brother shares. Academy has a better shape (much like the AFV club in 35th), but there isn't any Eduard PE available for the Academy kit. You need slat armor on the stryker if you want to depict it during any time that it served in Iraq. In Afghanistan, there were various levels of slat armor. This scene is a depiction of a Stryker rolling up to investigate a possible sniper down the road while the fire team takes cover behind the corner shop.


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Trumpeter's was fairly easy with assembly and the PE wasn't a pain.  Eduard did an awesome job with their 1/72 Slat.  I painted it NATO green and weathered it with multiple washes of Vallejo Iraqi Sand.  I added parts of the Black Dog resin stowage set and scratch built the blast shields and DUKE antenna.

The figures are from Caeser Miniatures, but I replaced the weapons with PE weapons (OKB Grigorov) and added Tamiya tape slings.  Hope you guys like it.

Austin Kennedy

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Photos and text by Austin Kennedy