1/35 Tamiya Tiger I "Late Version"

Gallery Article by Arthur Filippis on Feb 17 2012


This is a Tamiya Tiger I that I built as a change from the usual 1/48 Aircraft. 

After panicking about how to apply the Zimmermit I found a product online from Cavalier Productions which is thin resin sheets of Zimmermit which fit on the model perfectly. It also included the base of the barrel of the gun in resin. Lazy I have been told, but an excellent product nonetheless! 

The model went together perfectly as expected, and even assembling the individual track links was not as big a task as I originally thought.


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I painted the whole thing with Tamiya and Gunze Acrylics, and applied a few filters to darken it and tie the paint scheme all together.  I then sprayed MIG weathering powders mixed with Windex onto the lower sections to simulate dirt.  Overall I am pleased with the result. Not having to mask canopies almost makes me want to switch exclusively to armour modelling.  Almost...

This sits on my shelf with some Dragon German soldiers. Maybe one day I will turn them into a diorama. One day...

Keep uploading your articles everyone. Seeing the finished product is always a great inspiration for us to actually open those boxes we have on the shelf and get them finished!




Photos and text by Arthur Filippis