1/35 Dragon IS2 & Tamiya Russian Tankers

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Feb 20 2012


These are straightforward OOB builds. The Dragon IS2 is pretty excellent.  Only noteworthy feature of my model is that it was painted by brush.  My technique is pretty much the same as might be used with an airbrush: dark shade first followed by two or three gradually lighter shades - only my lighter hues are dry brushed.  This works pretty well (I presume to think) when you only have one camouflage colour.  For multi-tone paint schemes it's a lot trickier.  Although this model was actually completed some time ago I seem to remember I didn't even use any kind of wash. 


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The Tamiya figures likewise need little comment.  They are pretty excellent though using them in a group as intended (like I did with no modifications) does lead to a rather cliched diorama which most serious modellers have probably seen more than enough of by now. 

The diorama base is nothing more than a cork table mat given a straight edge at the model's back. Groundwork was some kind of genuine dirt.

Greg Kerry


Photos and text by Greg Kerry