1/35 Tamiya Matilda

Gallery Article by Angelo M Picardo on Mar 9 2012


This is the new release of the Maltilda.  It is a quantum leap ahead compared to the old Tamiya kit.  Tamiya have completely re-engineered the model.  The original model, like many from their early days, was made to be motorised and some of the finer details suffered as a result.  With this new kit the detail is outstanding. The smoke dischargers have to be seen to be believed. The bolt action is finely reproduced.  The tracks are link and length and are finely detailed.


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I built the model straight from the box with no after market embelishments as they are not required.  The model fits together perfectly with no problems.

The model was painted using Humbrol enamels and it has to be one of the most complicated colour schemes I have ever attempted on a tank.  The Caunter camouflage scheme has caused some discussion as to the exact shades of the colours involved.

I experimented mixing colours to get a match to the colour scheme provided in the kit instructions, allowing for fading and the effects of weathering.

I am fairly happy with how the camouflage turned out, the masking was awkward due to the contours of the tank, but the weathering process helped cover up any slip ups.

Washes, fading with airbrushed lighter cotes, paint chipping, and Mig pigments were used in the weathering process.

The North African Desert conditions really took their toll on the paint finish of vehicles based in the region, and I tried to replicate it.

Angelo M Picardo


Photos and text by Angelo M Picardo