1/35 Tamiya M113 ACAV

Gallery Article by Mark Andrews, Bozeman, MT on Mar 7 2012


This is the Tamiya 1/35 M113 ACAV kit. The kit comes with a full interior including an engine, tons of infantry equipment and even a few Pepsi and Coke pop cans and packs of cigarettes.  I built the kit straight from the box.  My goal was to see how detailed I can get the kit to look with only with what was in the box, no add ons.  I tried something a bit different with the interior of the vehicle.  After assembly I painted it with a Flat Aluminum paint then added the off white color coats.  Once that was dry I used fine sanding sticks and film to rub off the white in high wear areas to show the aluminum underneath.  It created a more realistic appearance than just drybrushing silver paint.  Then I used black and brown washes to dirty up the interior a bit but I didn't want a overused look.


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Most of the construction of the model went very well even for the age of the kit. The only real fit issue was the hull top. Some sanding then filling was needed to ensure a good fit without gaps. The model was painted with Tamiya Olive Drab lightened with a few drops of white for a faded effect. Some drybrushing was used to highlight wear around the hull. The one-piece tracks were first sprayed with silver paint then gunmetal. After that was dry I dragged some coarse sandpaper over them for the used look. The decals were typical Tamiya, thick and had a matt finish to them. The only ones that really gave me fits were the micro sized decals for the pop cans and smokes. They were very thick so I had to drench them in Solvaset to get them to go around the tiny cans and cigarette packs. They still look a bit off, but at that size it is hard to tell.

Final weathering was some dust and mud washes sprayed on the hull using the airbrush. Final assembly was to add all the infantry equipment in strategic places inside and outside the vehicle. The 'chain link fence' section was included. It is a nylon mesh that doesn't roll very well. I used silver and rust wash on it and rolled it up. The kit came with four combat troops. But since I was not doing a diorama, they went into the parts box for a future project. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

Mark Andrews

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Photos and text by Mark Andrews