1/35 Academy M3 Stuart 'Honey'

Gallery Article by Konley Kelley on Mar 5 2012


This is the wonderful Academy 1:35 M3 Stuart "Honey" kit.

I first saw this at a Squadron Mail Order Open House.  I liked the colors and this is a cool little tank.  The kit includes the interior.  I went about building mine and added fun stuff like binoculars and a map to the inside.  I opened all the hatches.  I added a backpack and British soldier's helmet to the rear of the tank.


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I placed the tank on a simple base covered in sand held down by Elmer's glue and hairspray.  It has been a few years since I built this model and there isn't as much sand as there used to - just a lot more dust.

I entered this in a contest and was disappointed it didn't place.

The British were very affectionate towards their tanks (smile).

Enjoy the pics. 

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Konley Kelley


Photos and text by Konley Kelley