1/76 JB Models Saracen APC

Gallery Article by Michael "Mad Mike" Johnson on Mar 23 2012


Nice kit to build up. Drilled out the turret machine gun and as per my previous Saladin, added detail to the front and rear lights and closed in the top hatch. Vallejo paints used throughout, with dot filters and pin washes using oils and MIG washes. MIG pigments were used to further weather the little build.

I replaced the aerials with piano wire as well.


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Three quarters of the way through the build, I struck an issue late in finishing that was quite unexpected, requiring another kit to actually see the issue. As it was not a noticable flaw, I simply ignored it, making the best of the issue.

I replaced the awful kit Bren gun for a much nicer, though slightly bigger (1:72) white metal casting given to me by a good friend. Thanks Les for the Bren!

Michael "Mad Mike" Johnson


Photos and text by Michael "Mad Mike" Johnson