1/35 Trumpeter Stryker Reconn Vehicle

Gallery Article by Robert Holmstrom on Oct 31 2012


Trumps 1/35 Stryker is a supurb kit.  No real issues were encountered during the build. The only issue was the fit of the hatches.  I had to sand off quite a bit of plastic from the underside of them to get them to fit correctly. The suspension and drive train are well depicted and assembled quite well, just make sure you are all aligned correctly or your wheels will sit wrong.


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The stowage was included in the kit with some minimal photoetch for the exhaust screens and for the armor shield on the 50 cal.  It was nice to see the kit came with MREs along with Coke and Pepsi cases and water as well.  Have to say looking at the MRE boxes brought back some fond memories of the years I spent in the Army.....Mmmmmmmmmm gotta love that ham loaf and tube of cheese.................YUMMIE!

Model was painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with MIG pigments and 502 Abteilung oils.  All and all another joy to build and the end result is a beautiful representation of the Stryker Recon Vehicle. 

Robert Holmstrom

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Photos and text by Robert Holmstrom