Swash Design

1/35 SAS/L.R.D.G Jeep Conversion Set No.1

Product # DR-01 for ¥10,000 

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 28 2011

This new conversion set  from Swash Design is available directly from Hobby Link Japan.  This very comprehensive resin conversion set for Tamiya's SAS/L.R.D.G Jeep (not included in this set). Set contains parts for a workable front axle, fuel tank, front seats, dashboard, rear panels, Vickers and Browning machine guns, sun compass, water condenser, sand channels, tires and wheels, jerry cans (US and German petrol/water cans), jerry can carriers, ammo boxes, bags, blankets, canteens, helmets, cups, prismatic compass, and Thompson sub-machine guns. Whew! Plus two figures, photo-etched metal parts, and decals. Although Swash makes no indication, the difference between this and Set No. 1 (sold separately; linked below) is the figures.


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This kit contains:

Jeep Parts
Workable Front Axle, Fuel Tank, Driver & Codriver’s Seat, Dushboard,Rear Panel

The Weapons
Vickers‘K’Gun, Browning Cal.50 M2 Aircraft(with Metal Barrel),
Ammo Boxes(for Vickers, 4TypesAmmo box for Browning M2),Gun mounts

Jeep Equipment
Sun Compass, Water Condenser, Sand Channels,Tyres & Wheels, 
Jerry Cans (U.S & German :petrol / watercans),Jerry Can Carriers, Steel Munition Boxes, 2gal.Petrol / Watercans, Bags & Blanket

Individual Equipment
Canteen, Helmet, Cup, Prismatic Compass, Goggles,
Thompson Submachine Gun with Round Magazine

2 Figures, Photo Etched Parts, Decal

This set is also available with different figures.  This detail set is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

Steve Bamford

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