Voyager Model

1/35 Modern USMC Stryker M1134 w/Slat Armor

Product # PE 35421 for US$125.99 for AFV CLUB kit #35134

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 13 2012


This new detail set from from Voyager Model is available directly from Lucky and gives the modeler of the Modern USMC Stryker M1134 the ability to add Slat Armor and other photo etc to their model.

Slat Armor was used in WW2 by the Germans and by the US forces in Vietnam against the Vietcong.  Slat Armor is designed to prevent RPG attacks from causing damage to the vehicle and it is used by a variety of forces around the world including he Israeli's. 


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This set contains 32 frets of photo etch as well as other parts (resin etc).  There will be a massive amount of work to do on this model with the photo etch.

You will be required to fold the photos etch in this set, but if you have one of the Hold & Fold photo etch benders from The Small Shop then this will be an easy process.

This detail set is available directly from Lucky

You can find this set on their site by going to this link.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford