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1/35 Upgrade Equipment for Stryker Series

Product #AFV35S59

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 23 2012


This detail set from AFV Club is available directly from Hobby Link Japan


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This is a set of upgrade equipment for AFV Club's series of Stryker vehicles. Includes guns, tow bars, antennas, and a whole bunch of other items, as shown here. Includes injection moulded styrene, photo-etched metal and clear parts. Some of the parts in this set are sprues from other kits.  This set basically gives you the a very good spares box parts for the Stryker vehicle.  The Stryker kit is not included!

Items include the following:

  • Two different types of tow bar sub-assemblies with the option of using only one as they share some common parts

  • 7.62  mm machine gun with mount

  • 50 cal machine gun with mount

  • The clear sprue consists of various periscopes and vision posts

  •    Perforated suspension covers

  • Various antennas

  • Other misc detail aprts

This detail set is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

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Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford