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1/35 Modern US M1A2 SEP w/TUSK2 Abrams detail set

Product # PRO 35005 for US$125.99 for Dragon kit 3536

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 10 2012


This multi-media detail set from Voyager Model is available directly from Lucky

This multi-media detail set provides you with an astounding array of photo etch and resin parts which include 35 frets of photo etch, 120 resin parts, 19 machined metal parts plus a selection of wire.  This isn't some tiny little set you add to your model during a weekend.....this is the type of set you take 6 months off from your job.....move to a monastery high on a hill....lock your self in solitude and model like the world doesn't exist.  But when you emerge from your 6 months of will have....without  a doubt the most outstanding Abrams tank to ever to grace a model show table.....anywhere.  To say this set is inclusive is to say the surface of the sun gets a tad warm.  This set is loaded with parts and parts and parts.....and then more parts.


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You will be required to fold the photoetch in this set, but if you have one of the Hold & Fold photo etch benders from The Small Shop, then this will be an easy process.    They have a variety of benders for sharp corners as well as rounded corners and in many different sizes.

This detail set is available directly from Lucky 

Go to this link to buy this item....if you think you're man enough to build this masterpiece.....come know you want to. 

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford