1/35 US Humvee Stowage + MT tire set

Product # DM35008 for all kits

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Apr 25 2013


This detail set from DEF.MODEL is designed for any US Humvee kit and is available from Sprue Bros Models.

This set gives you 43 Resin Parts including a variety of different gear and a wheel set that includes 5 wheels/tires.  These parts are designed for any Humvee kit.


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This detail set includes:

  • US Humvee Stowage set + MT tire set for All 1/35 Humvee kits.

  • Various accessories,

  • 5 'One piece type' MT Tires included with spare tire.

  • Total 43 resin parts

This set is loaded with all the gear that you would expect to see on a Humvee out on operations plus you get a full set of resin wheels/tires.

Sprue Bros Models carries a large variety of aftermarket items as kits, books, tools  and paints well as many other products. They are famous for their prompt service.

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Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford