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Wednesday,   Nov 30  2011

  Barbados National Day 

  Scotland - St. Andrew's Day 

Jason Cooper gets things start in true style with his 1/35 Tamiya King Tiger.  Jason combined two kits to produce this model, which inspired him to build his King Tiger as a tank at the factory after having a new turret fitted.  The battle damage and primer on the replacement turret is all very convincing.  Wonderful work Jason....welcome to ARC armor.

Lance Braman has been very busy converting his 1/72 Revell Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo with 8.8cm Flak 36.  Lance started off with a standard Famo and added an Anti-Aircraft gun to the back deck with gun crew figures to complete the scene.  This is a very fascinating project of a very limited production version of the Famo.  Lance gives more details about this whole build and the history behind this vehicle in his article.  Brilliant work Lance......this is very cool to see.

Serge Dompierre has done an exceptional job detailing and finishing his 1/35 Tamiya Canadian Centurion MK-5 (early).  Serge improved the finer detials on his Centurion and finished it off in the colours and markings for a Canadian Centurion during 1058 in Germany.

Here's a product article for the 1/35 Modern US ARMY Cal .30 M19A1 Ammunition Can from  Voyager ModelThis detail set is available directly from Lucky Model.com

Tuesday,    Nov 29  2011

 Albania Liberation Day 

Monday,    Nov 28  2011

  Mauritania Independence Day 

Pablo Angel Herrera joins us from Guatemala with his big and impressive 1/35 Revell MAN 7t 6x6.  Pablo added Eduard PE sets  for the interior and exterior and then opened the left door so show off all that wonderful added details.  Then this Bundeswehr 6x6 workhorse was given a full weathering job to complete the realism of this amazing model.  Fantastic work Pablo....welcome to ARC Armor..

Konley Kelley has been very busy with his latest creation.  This is his "LULUBELLE" in Scale and 3D - Building the classic M3 Lee tank in 1/35 scale and in 3D.  His M3 Lee tank is modeled after the Tank in the movie Sahara starring Humphrey Bogart during WW2.  Konley has captured the scene very will with his models as well as his 3D artwork.  It's always an amazing treat to see Konley 's latest work.....well done Konley.  Welcome to ARC Armor Konley.

Graham Symmonds takes us back to the Great War  with his very convincing diorama of  Paaschendaele 1917 – 1/35 EMHAR Mk IV Male.  Graham  gave his tank some battle damage and then opened 2 of the doors to show the crew had abandoned their tank.  If you peek through the open doors you will see all the additional detail Graham added to his WW1 monster of a tank.  The tank is wonderfully weathered and then set on a very wet and muddy diorama base to replicate very accurately the conditions during WW1.  Truly inspiring work Graham ....welcome to ARC Armor.


Here's a product article for the 1/35 SAS/L.R.D.G Jeep Conversion Set No.1 from  Swash Design.  This new conversion set  from Swash Design is available directly from Hobby Link Japan.

Friday,   Nov 25  2011

  Suriname Independence Day 

Michael Johnson did an exceptional fine job on his 1/72 Trumpeter JS-3M “Pike” Heavy Tank diorama.  I've never heard of this tank, but thankfully Mike provides some very good background history in his article before he goes into excellent detail about how he achieved such amazing results on his model and the groundwork on the diorama.   I loved seeing the photos of Mike's  JS-3M “Pike” Heavy Tank diorama.  

Koray Bayramoglu did a beautiful job building, detailing and finishing his 1/24 Tamiya Schwimmwagen Type 166.  The Schwimmwagen Type 166 is without a doubt one of the coolest vehicles in history and this big 1/24 version permitted Koray  to really show off all the detail of the Schwimmwagen.  I love the look of the finished model....it's very cool to see it.

John Green has done a gorgeous job building and finishing his  1/72 Revell King Tiger.  John has very high praise for this Revell kit and I must say the finished model turned out looking great in it's 3 colour camo.  John's careful use of drybrushing and weathering gives his King Tiger the perfect look of realism.

Here is a product article for the 1/35 Merkava Mk. 4 LIC Conversion Set from Legend Productions and available from Hobby Link Japan This Merkava Mk. 4 LIC conversion set includes resin parts and is designed for Academy's kit. 

Thursday,  Nov 24  2011       

   US Thanksgiving  

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with friends and family.....enjoy the feast.

Wednesday,   Nov 23  2011 
Rick Reinbott built his 1/35 Tamiya Tiger 1 back in 1984 and the quality of his model is first class.  Rick did some additional battle damage to His Tiger ! before giving it a weathering job for added realism.  I particularly liked the way Rick achieved the rust finish on the exhaust on his model and he explains this in his article.  Nicely done Rick...Welcome to ARC Armor.. 

Andreas 'Goggo' Gordes is here with a  selection of sharp looking 1/48 Tamiya Luftwaffe vehicles.  Andreas has included the Kettenkrad and the Kübelwagen....both beautifully weathered and complete with detail rich figures.  If you're into building the occasional 1/48 Luftwaffe aircraft, then these kits are an excellent addition to any diorama.

Dave Flitton has done a marvelous job building and finishing his 1/35 Esci T-72.  Dave built his Iraqi T-72 from the Desert storm time period when he was stationed in Iraq and if you look closely at his photos you'll see the background is in Iraq.  The T-72 is an impressive looking tank and Dave captured the look of the Iraqi T-72 perfectly.

John Smalbrugge is here with the Armor photos from this year's  IPMS Vancouver Fall Model Show 2011.  You can see the Aircraft and Ship models over on ARC Air and the Car, Motorbike and Truck models over on ARC Auto from this show.

Here's a product article for the 1/35 4x4 MRAP Truck kit from  Legend Productions and available from Lucky Model.com This is a multi-media resin kit that also contains photo etch parts..

Tuesday,    Nov 22  2011

  Lebanon National Day 

Monday,    Nov 21  2011
I would like to welcome you all to the New ARC Armor (Armor Resource Center) scale modeling website.  The goal of this website is simple.....to provide the Armor modelers with the same sort of website the Aircraft Modelers have enjoyed for the past 11 years with ARC Air.  Today is also the grand opening of the new ARC Auto website.

For this first week, I'll be doing updates on Mon, Wed and Fri and once the gallery submissions start to come in, I will move to a 5 updates a week schedule as on the Aircraft site.  So send in gallery articles of your latest model or an older model and we can begin moving up to 5 updates a week.  Join in and send in a gallery article...don't worry......you will enjoy the experience. 

Russ Sharp is a highly respected AFV diorama modeler and today he begins this first update with his 1/35 Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV.  Russ has given this diorama an amazing level of realism with equipment and figures and even a  Schwimmwagon and dusting of snow.  His article gives some very helpful insight into the tricks and techniques he used to create this amazing scene from WW2.  Beautiful work Russ.

Sunel Tan has a more modern diorama with this 1/35 Tamiya SAS Land Rover with Dragon British Desert Rats Figures.  There is a large amount of added scratchbuilt detailing as well as aftermarket detail items on this SAS Land Rover....all of which does a wonderful job of bringing the scene to life.  The figures also received some special treatment.  Amazing work Sunel....I love it.

Maurizio Bressan finishes up this first update with his 1/35 Dragon M240 MLRS rocket launcher.  This rocket launcher has a variety of aftermarket and scratchbuilt details to further improve on the kit and the doors are in the open position to show off all that wonderful interior detail.  This really is fantastic work.

Here is a product article for the 1/35 M1114 Frag5 Conversion Set from Legend Productions and available from Hobby Link Japan This M1114 Frag5 conversion set includes resin and PE parts and is designed for Tamiya's kit.